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Ford's F-250 Super Duty Is Designed to Bring Raw Energy and Muscle to Your Workplace

As a member of the top-selling line of pickups in the United States, the F-250 is truly a trendsetter in the truck landscape. Sturdy, durable, and eager to tackle whatever you throw at it, the F-250 carries on as one of the most sought after pickups in Long Island NY. Want to get familiar with all of the alluring details surrounding the ways that your time spent traveling around Long Island will be improved significantly by the Ford F-250? Then join in as the Sayville Ford squad gives you an expansive recap of all the things that ensure F-250 outpaces the competition.

White 2019 Ford F-250 that can be yours at Sayville Ford in Long Island.

Raw Ability That Always Suits Your Standards

Solid resilience and sturdy ingredients are constantly at the foundation of the Ford experience. The F-250 dominates on both of those fronts. Beneath the hood, this pickup can have either a gas or diesel motor. The 6.7-liter (L) Power Stroke V8 Turbo Diesel engine boasts a substantial 440 horsepower (hp) and 925 pound-feet (lb.-ft.) of torque, while the 6.2-L two-valve V8 FFV gas variant gives you 385 hp and 440 lb.-ft. of torque. Each of these motors comes paired with a six-speed automatic transmission that delivers the best performance production possible.

Payload Dimensions and Potency That Continually Outstrip Expectations

For the Long Island individual who needs a truck that takes control of the task at hand, the F-250 has copious amounts of area for your tools. With a Regular Cab (4x4), you have access to 7,160 lbs. of cargo potential in the eight-ft. bed. A SuperCab (4x4) gives you cargo potential of 4,624 lbs. with the 6.75-ft. box and 6,780 lbs. when paired with the eight-ft. box. The Crew Cab (4x4) offers up 4,470 lbs. of hauling potential via the 6.75-ft. bed and 6,540 lbs. by way of the eight-ft. bed.

Staying Connected to the Online Environment Has Never Been More Efficient

Taking on your routine becomes simpler once you have Ford F-250’s plethora of tech amenities at your disposal. Offering a capacitive touchscreen, voice-activated SYNC 3 lets you call and text all while keeping your vision on the street, access navigation directions, and even receive weather and traffic updates. It also connects your approved apps thanks to AppLink, which functions similarly to your cellphone. In addition, you can discover parking, browse for gas prices nearby, and command your pickup from a distance through Ford Pass.

Discover the Best F-250 for Your Lifestyle

Grey 2019 Ford F-250 XLT available at Sayville Ford in Long Island NY.
Ford F-250 XLT

Expounding on the base laid out by the XL, F-250 XLT brings in SYNC intelligent pickup connectivity and numerous other improvements to make certain you always remain connected, regardless of where the highways of Long Island take you.

Green 2019 Ford F-250 Lariat available at Sayville Ford in Long Island NY.
Ford F-250 Lariat

With access to SYNC 3, an eight-inch (in.) LCD display, and a huge selection of other advanced features in tow, the F-250 Lariat makes anything, from the toughest projects to your morning drive and dropping your kids off at school, a cinch.

Red 2019 Ford F-250 King Ranch available at Sayville Ford in Long Island NY.
Ford F-250 King Ranch

Purchasing or leasing a King Ranch F-250 and delighting in its exclusive style (which incorporates an accent-color bumper, two-tone exterior color, and iconic King Ranch trimmings) is one of the foremost ways to elevate your daily grind or upcoming great vacation on the open road.

Ford F-250 Super Duty Highlights

Towing Performance and Functionality That Make the Project Simple and Clear-Cut

Needless to say, the F-250 is no slouch in regard to pulling and transporting even the heftiest of loads. On this note, hauling is one of the things the Ford F-250 does better than the rest. To guarantee you go above and beyond your hauling journeys, it is certainly a smart move to make use of the Goosneck/Fifth Wheel Trailer Prep, High-Capacity Trailer Tow, or 9,900 lbs. bundles available on the F-250. With regular and available inclusions at your disposal, like Trailer Sway Control, the Ultimate Trailer Tow Camera, and Trailer Brake Controller, securely hauling everything from job gear to your beloved jet ski or four-wheeler in Long Island becomes a quick and painless affair.

Optimizing Your Ford F-250 Starts Here

Upgrades that help make your day-to-day grind simpler are something all new trucks need to offer, and to that end, the latest F-250s for purchase or lease at Sayville Ford have a wide selection to offer you. Specifically, an obtainable 110-volt/400-watt power outlet, LED side-view mirror spotlights, and motor block heater team up to take the hassle out of your regular routine. Going a bit further, you can pick up additional preventative measures for your F-250 by stepping up to skid plates that safeguard the fuel tank and transfer case, as well as a spray-in protective liner that helps ensure rust, dents, and scrapes never damage your truck.

Bring Your F-250 Ownership to the Next Level via FordPass Connect

Magnify your on-the-move possibilities on the inside of the F-250 by using FordPass Connect. This revolutionary technology system allows you to create a 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspot on demand and connect up to 10 mobile devices all at the same time. With a bandwidth range of 20 yards, you are also still able to connect with the Wi-Fi network found inside your Super Duty truck for an added amount of usefulness.

Industry-Defining Safety You Can Trust In

Blind Spot Monitoring and AdvanceTrac with Roll Stability Control for the Ford F-250.

Ford always makes your well-being a top emphasis in its lineup of vehicles, and the latest F-250 is another example of this concept in motion. To start off, AdvanceTrace with Roll Stability Control (RSC) ensures tire slippage is not a concern via automatically detecting and correcting this dangerous scenario via adjusting the F-250's torque settings. The Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will always alert you if any of the F-250's tires have pressure less than the advisable safe limit. Obtainable safety additions feature the Blind Spot Information System, which employs sensors in the rear of your truck to notice when another automobile comes into one of your blind spots, all while warning you about the problem. Also offered in your F-250 are the rearview camera and Reverse Sensing System, which both functon to assist you as you back up, so you can avoid any possibility of an accident.

Putting all of this together, the F-250 and its varied trim packages can all serve as the ideal pickup for drivers who want to grab their next project head-on every single day. No matter what you have facing you down each day, we have no reservations that the F-250s for sale or lease at Sayville Ford in Long Island will do a fantastic job explaining exactly why Ford stands alone as the maker of the leading line of pickups in America. Do you not want to find out more regarding how you can purchase or lease a F-250 for yourself today?

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