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Ford X-Plan

Are You Eligible For The Ford X-Plan Pricing Discount? 

Buying a new vehicle can be exciting and fun, but many buyers dread the confusing process of ensuring they've received a fair price. With so much pricing information online, it can be overwhelming to determine what's fair.

Fortunately, employees of select partners of Ford Motor Company can simplify this process through the Ford X-Plan partner recognition program. At Sayville Ford in Long Island NY, employees of partner companies around Sayville overlook the pricing benefits they are entitled to based on their Ford Motor Company partnership.

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We've created this page for you to explore X-Plan pricing, eligibility, and benefits.

See if You Qualify for X-Plan Pricing

What is Ford X-Plan?

X-Plan is exclusive pricing for select employees of preferred business partners of Ford Motor Company. It's by invitation only and valid for most new Ford vehicles, both passenger and commercial.

Who qualifies for Ford X-Plan?

Generally, full-time, part-time, contract workers, spouses, retirees of eligible Partner companies, and members of specific organizations may qualify for X-Plan. Residents of the same household are also eligible. Participation is by invitation only, as determined by Ford Motor Company. Not all suppliers or fleets are eligible.

What companies get X-Plan pricing?

Currently, there are nearly 3,400 partner companies that qualify for employee X-Plan pricing. This list changes frequently due to evolving relationships between Ford Motor Company and their partners. For eligibility confirmation, please contact us.

If you're unsure about your company's eligibility, your HR benefits coordinator may have information. You can also contact us directly.

How much is X-Plan going to save me on a new vehicle purchase?

X-Plan savings vary by vehicle but generally represent a percentage of the vehicle cost. In addition to X-Plan pricing, buyers qualify for all available rebates, leading to significant savings. For example, one X-Plan buyer saved over $10,700 on a Ford F-150.  

How do I receive X-Plan Pricing?

To participate in the program, you'll need an X-Plan personal identification number (PIN). You can obtain it from your HR Benefits coordinator. We can assist you in obtaining it. You may qualify for up to two pins per calendar year, each expiring within 12 months of issuance.

When you visit the dealership, the X-Plan price is clearly marked on the manufacturer's invoice. To explore pricing before arriving, you can also input your partner code on this website.

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Want to know if you might be an eligible X-Plan buyer or have additional questions? Contact us directly.

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