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Wanting to become more familiar with some of the most sought-after muscle cars and upgraded trucks available in Long Island NY? Well, you are in for a treat. The group of performance automotive experts waiting for you at Sayville Ford, the preferred provider of ROUSH Mustangs and F-150s throughout the Long Island area, knows a great deal about adding excitement to your routine drives and weekend excursions via a thrilling new high-powered ride crafted by revered ROUSH engineers.

Since we have your attention now, take just a few minutes to read through the defining aspects of this unparalleled selection of Ford vehicles featuring race-inspired modifications and unforgettable style. Once you learn about the historic lineage of ROUSH and the trim grades to choose from in their stellar lineup, we wager you will not put off any longer driving over to Sayville Ford and discussing with our auto professionals your direct path to grabbing hold of a ROUSH Mustang or F-150 in your name.

ROUSH Represents a Respected Heritage of Ingenuity

Let us start off this intriguing narrative by offering you the inside track on ROUSH Performance Products’ illustrious background and the organization’s steadfast commitment to continuously making strides in the automotive field. It all originates with Jack ROUSH, iconic American engineer, NASCAR owner sitting first in all-time wins, Automotive Hall of Fame member, and 2019 inductee for the NASCAR Hall of Fame. He was initially fixated on anything that involved amplifying the feeling of punching on the gas pedal and burning rubber on pavement, including hot rods and progressing the mechanics of racing.

After partnering up to form his own drag racing team, selling his designs in the motorsport arena, and achieving tremendous competition success, he established the ROUSH Performance Products company in 1995 to begin building the largest and most powerful array of aftermarket performance parts, unrivaled crate engines, and next-level vehicles. They flawlessly bring together the dynamic forces of leading the industry in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts innovation, drawing on his notable passion for racing, and utilizing the raw manufacturing talents of thousands of employees at ROUSH Industries.

What does this all mean for you? In short, you should have no doubts that any Mustangs or F-150s donning the "ROUSH" logo at Sayville Ford are primed and equipped to set free your inner speed demon on Long Island streets.

The future certainly looks bright for ROUSH Performance Products as its unyielding dedication to advancement, expansion, and continual performance supremacy separates the company from all other niche vehicle contenders trying to match their tier of accomplishments. Prove of this lofty outlook is all too evident when looking at the headquarters in Livonia, Michigan, consistently producing cutting-edge design ideas, revolutionary engineering techniques, and numerous front-line developments.

To summarize everything we just went over, the main point you will want to remember is feeding your hunger for fast maneuvering and seeing the competition fade away in your rearview mirror happens after you visit Sayville Ford to own a ROUSH Mustang or F-150 that gives you an edge thanks to the ROUSH Performance Parts team focusing on engineering creativity.

2019 blue ford ROUSH stage 1 mustang

Pumping up Your Adrenaline with the 2019 ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang

Perfectly balancing EcoBoost technology might and racing-emulated flair, ROUSH Stage 1 Mustang is the starting model, but far from basic. It releases 310 horsepower (hp) and 350 pound-feet (lb.-ft.) of torque using a four-cylinder turbocharged 2.3-liter (L) engine and maximizes airflow and downforce through the ROUSH R8 aero package that includes a high-flow upper grille and widened lower grille. You will also love hearing the roar of a stainless-steel exhaust system announcing your presence.

2019 white ford ROUSH stage 2 mustang in sayville ny

Preparing You for Track Dominance with the 2019 ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang

Race around corners and take sharp turns throughout Long Island smoothly in the driver’s seat of your ROUSH Stage 2 Mustang containing a height-adjustable coilover suspension system, Continental ExtremeContact Sport tires on custom 20-in. quicksilver wheels, and a potent 5.0-L V8 engine that lets loose 460 hp. This ROUSH-converted muscle car has all of the power and handling capabilities you need to accelerate quickly and stay in front of the pack from start to finish.

2019 red ford ROUSH stage 3 mustang on long island

Redefining What Performance Means with the ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang

Adding a ROUSH Phase 1 Supercharger to the V8 engine for unleashing a breathtaking 710 hp and 610 lb.-ft. of torque, the ROUSH Stage 3 Mustang enables you to experience maximum exhilaration on wheels and tires rigorously tested by race car driver champions. Opt for the available ROUSH Active Exhaust System (stunning black finish) to choose stealth mode or race mode, as well as use the smartphone app for a custom-made tone that grabs attention wherever you go.

blue ford ROUSH f150 pickup truck at Sayville Ford

Conquer Anything in Your Path with the ROUSH F-150

Your off-roading adventures are taken to the extreme when you combine the driving dynamics and rugged adaptability of ROUSH F-150. A Fox 2.0 Performance Series coilover suspension raises its ground clearance two inches, while a redesigned suspension kit holds up in even the harshest environments. Plus, an optional ROUSH Dual Tip Active Exhaust System integrating ROUSH Performance valve technology gives you access to four different modes (Touring, Off-Road, Sport, and Custom) for steering tailored to your surroundings.

red ford ROUSH f150 sport truck in sayville ny

Show Off Your Street Style with the ROUSH F-150 Sport

All eyes will definitely turn in your direction as you ride up in the ROUSH F-150 Sport exuding multiple forms of aggressive styling, including a horizontal bar brandishing the ROUSH logo on the front grille, 22-in. black wheels, dual-tip exhausts, and completely customizable graphics. Additionally, the standard Sport Lowering Kit creates a sleek, assertive stance that tells everyone on Long Island you are always ready to answer the call of the wild at a moment’s notice.

white ford ROUSH super duty truck on long island

Stay in Command of Your Drives with the ROUSH Super Duty

Hauling your boat for a relaxing getaway, hitting trails past the concrete, or loading up the bed for various projects are a cinch for the ROUSH Super Duty F-250 and F-350 featuring best-in-class towing and payload, high-performance off-road suspension, all-terrain tires, and uniquely styled wheels with integrated bead protection. The imposing front grille, fender flares matching the body color, and built-in accent lighting also create an authoritative presence on the roadways and off the usual routes.

Given that you now have greater knowledge of the ROUSH distinction and how an unrelenting desire for performance excellence embodied by these world-renowned auto specialists can radically elevate your commutes across Long Island and trips beyond city limits, the only choice left to make is which trim variant you long for and cannot wait to get behind the wheel of as soon as possible.

Moving Forward with Help from the Sayville Ford Staff

As a result of going over all the details we have presented above, you are more than likely really excited and eager to join in the heart-pounding thrills of sitting at the helm of your own ROUSH vehicle. If so, spend some time looking over our related inventory or connect with us today at (855) 840-2771. Our team of committed, vastly qualified ROUSH Mustang and F-150 aficionados will gladly assist you in completing each step involved in purchasing the specialty model that transforms both your everyday drives in Long Island NY and track runs.

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