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FordPass™ App

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The new FordPass™ app is here to make your driving life a lot easier and more fun. Our expert staff at your local Ford dealer is extremely excited about this app because it will be so useful on your everyday drives. You just have to download it onto your smart device and then directly connect it to your Ford model. Once it is connected, all of your vehicle’s information will be easily accessible. This includes crucial service updates, the VIN number of your Ford model, and the current temperature. All in all, the FordPass™ app is the best co-pilot you can ask for. We at Sayville Ford cannot wait to take you through all of the incredible capabilities of this amazing app.

Using The FordPass™ App

The FordPass™ app is available for those Ford models that have SYNC Connect features like the Ford Ranger, Ford Fusion or the Ford F-150. All you have to do is download this comprehensive app and select a pin number for your security. You will be able to enjoy the usability and convenience of FordPass™ as soon as it is connected to your vehicle.

There are a variety of functions within the FordPass™ app. One is dedicated to helping you find a parking spot, no matter where you are. You shouldn’t have to waste time and energy frantically looking for a space to pull into, and this handy app eliminates that stress. You can search for parking by a specific address, a neighborhood, or even by close landmarks. This app also allows you to reserve a parking space and even make payments for a set period of time. It is time for you to stop worrying about locating a parking spot in a crowded lot or along a cramped street. Make your own FordPass™ Park account and have peace of mind about parking today.

You can lock, unlock, and even turn your Ford model on or off with just a simple tap on a screen, thanks to the FordPass™ app. It also lets you track the exact location of your Ford model. You can decide a time for your Ford model to start up every day and keep an eye on fuel and fluid levels. This will help you stay current with important maintenance for your vehicle. When you are traveling and find yourself running low on gas, you can use the FordPass™ app to search and locate all gas stations in your vicinity. You can even refine your search by brands, fuel grades, and prices.

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The FordPass™ app also serves as your own meteorologist. It will tell you the current weather and forecast so that you can be fully prepared for heavy rains, severe storms, or snowy conditions. You can also ensure your Ford vehicle is weather-ready by inspecting the status of your anti-freeze or even getting parts like new windshield wiper blades. The FordPass™ app will give you the confidence to drive wherever you want to without Mother Nature getting in the way.

If your Ford model suddenly receives a recall, you will immediately get a notice via the FordPass™ app. This gives you the opportunity to resolve those issues and bring your vehicle to the experienced service department at your local New York Ford dealer. You will also be able to control your maintenance appointments through this app, getting field service alerts and even paying for all of your service with the FordPay™ option. The FordCredit component lets you manage the payments of your Ford model so that you can schedule payments, look over your payment history, and pay online using your smart device.

FordPass™ Rewards™ Program

This new program will be replacing the Owners Advantage Reward system, but you don’t have to be concerned about losing what you’ve accumulated. Everything will transfer over at full value. You will be able to earn points whenever you make a purchase or pay for service. You can also earn points whenever you engage with the Ford brand online or offline. This includes participating in surveys and attending Ford events, along with other opportunities throughout the year. This is part of the FordPass™ app and includes offers that are constantly updated. You will be able to save on parking and service,  and you can enter to win exclusive Ford prizes via this rewards system. Download the FordPass™ app or visit to enroll today.

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Ready to learn more about the innovative FordPass™ app? Our staff at your local Ford dealer is here to help. Contact or visit Sayville Ford today and learn how the FordPass™ app can transform the way you travel!

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